I have been on the front line of a large scale, enterprise, component-based internal design system build process. As part of a true agile process with a team of designers, developers, project managers, QA engineers, and the client, I helped guide process, represent user needs, and contribute documentation for all components and foundations pages. As part of this effort, I was exposed to best practices for structuring a design system build process, working with developers for all three major platforms (Web, iOS, Android) and I have performed a 'deep dive' with thorough documentation on modern component designs.
Minimal visual artifacts represented below due to confidentiality.
Early, quick and dirty information architecture exercise that proved vital to our progress.
Broad, precise assessment of component landscape across web, iOS, and android platforms.
Wireframes! This was still early in the process, but was interesting to visualize the information architecture with some structure and dummy content to start getting a sense of usability.
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