I have enjoyed working with colleges and universities, both through in-person workshops and with distributed teams through remote collaboration. The following excerpts (limited due to confidentiality) illustrate different moments in the design processes I have been been a part of.

First, a screenshot showing a 'highlights' document created after conducting and recording over a dozen student interviews, which were then analyzed as shown and used in feature list prioritization, feature flow preparation, user journey mapping, and wireframe development.
As part of a process, we created Feature Flows to visualize and optimize pathways for users.
I created wireframes based on first-hand interview data, stakeholder opinions and input from my design teammates. These were 'conceptual' wireframes, leading to 'detailed' wireframes later in the process.
An Intranet my team created for a large, primarily online university. 
An internal university Student Technology Services page, representing a radical departure from what was a fragmented, unrelated series of pages to a single scrolling page with relevant content.
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