Through my work at Insight Digital Innovation, I was the lead designer for a multi-phase consumer facing HR services app to unify a major HR services provider's ecosystem of products. We started the relationship with a chatbot engagement. The client wanted this HR Bot to be able to provide simple answers based on NLP to an array of questions about health insurance, benefits, and paycheck information. I created a 'journey map' and several flow charts (Figure A) to map out the conversation paths. The visual design (Figure B) was carefully considered in order to allow for easy whitelabelling in the future (Figure C). 

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

 The next phase began by ingesting a large amount of UX content that existed on the client side. We refined that information into a journey map that would help us determine needs for each user group. We boiled those needs down into 'zones of value', mapped features to those zones of value, and created wireframes based on those research activities. 
We started with desktop wireframes and moved quickly to mobile, where we iterated internally and arrived at a few versions to test. We spend a few weeks developing test questions, a test plan, and conducting in-person interviews and usability tests through user, and then analyzed the output from that testing, in order to discover the best structure for the app to take.
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