My team set out to craft an tool to make our daily or weekly time entry a breeze for our globally distributed company, with service providers billing to a variety of internal and external business entities. The experience had to be quick and easy for people who entered 40 hours for the same project every week, month after month, and also optimized for people who logged a few hours across multiple clients. As part of a collaboration with Apple, we also considered how best to take advantage of the norms and capabilities of the iOS platform. 

We were able to employ a multi-phase, rigorous design process, beginning with informal interviews with immediate coworkers, formal interviews with at least 20 stakeholders in different geographic and business positions, and dozens of calls with technical teams and wireframe iterations over the course of 4-5 months to find solutions to each edge case scenario. 
As the idea emerged in the company, I volunteered to start working when time arose, supported by my boss / mentor, our practice lead. I was heavily involved from inception through mid-development. 
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